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Agmark Registration

Agmark Registration

Agmark Registration

The AGMARK is a specific type of certification in India. And it implies on the agricultural products. The term AGMARK was introduced by joining the words ‘Ag’ to mean agriculture and ‘mark’ for a certification mark. This term was introduced originally in the bill presented in the parliament of India for the Agricultural Produce (Grading and Marking) Act.

List Of Commodities Fall Under AGMARK

Total 213 items fall under the AGMARK according to the last amended Grading Marketing Act, 1937 (as on 30-09-2013).

How To Get The AGMARK Registration Certification

If you want to start the business of the grading and marking agricultural commodities under Agmark, then you must have the necessary infrastructure. Additionally, you will need to process the commodity and have own laboratory or have access to an approved State Grading Laboratory /Cooperative / Association / Commercial Laboratory. An own laboratory is must for grant of C.A. for Ghee, Fat spread Blended Edible Vegetable Oils.

You will need to apply to the concerned Sub Office/Regional Office of Directorate of Marketing Inspection (DMI) in the prescribed Proforma along with the documents. If you want to grade through the State Grading Laboratory, you have to submit the application to the concerned State Authority.

The concerned Sub Office/Regional Office of DMI will process your application. An Officer of the Sub Office/Regional Office will inspect your premises and laboratory for assessing its suitability to undertake grading of the commodity.

If everything goes right, you will get the CA from the Sub Office/Regional Office duly authorized by the Agricultural Marketing Adviser to do so.

List Of Documents For AGMARK Registration

  • Self attested copies of the proprietorship declaration/ partnership deed/
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association/ Bye-laws of society etc.
  • Blue Print or neatly drawn a sketch of the premises showing all dimensions duly signed by the authorized person of the firm.
  • Following declarations on non-Judicial stamp paper of minimum Rs. 100/- in

the prescribed proforma-III.
(i) Ownership of premises,
(ii) Ownership of proposed Trade Brand Label (TBL).
(iii) Use of proposed TBL only on the packages graded under Agmark.
(iv) Use of “food grade” packing material for the graded products.

  • A copy of the consent letter from the legal owner of the premises, in case, the premises is not owned by the applicant and taken on rent/lease.
  • Specimen copy of the proposed Trade Brand Label of each commodity.
  • Medical fitness certificates issued by the Registered Medical Practitioner certifying that the workers engaged in the handling of the product in the various operation are free from communicable and contagious diseases.
  • List of Chemicals and Apparatus in the laboratory, in case, packer establishes
  • his own laboratory for grading.
  • Consent letter of the approved laboratory in case, packer desires to grade the product through State Grading Laboratory/ Commercial Laboratory/Association or Cooperative Laboratory.
  • A copy of the foodgrain storage license for Wheat-atta, Suji, Maida, Besan,
  • other Cereals, and Pulses, etc.
  • A copy of the license from Controller of the relevant Drugs Department of the state Government, in case C.A. for grading marking of medicinal grade castor oil.
  • The copy of Registration/ License Certificate issued under FSS Act, 2006, in the case of food commodities.