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Certification Process

Certification Process

The services of assessment from 3M Management Consultants are available to all applicants. Every applicant need to authorize a representative from its management or staff, who can provide necessary information to 3M Management Consultants as mentioned in the application form."

Flow Chat of Certification Process

Flow Chat of Certification Process

Step1 : Awareness programme

  • Basic ISO understanding through awareness presentation.
  • Workshop on Derivation of Quality Policy and its Objectives.

Step 2 : GAP Analyses

  • From existing documentation with respect to new documents.
  • What formats to excludeand what to include.

Step 3 : Quality policy and objectives

  • Setting objectives and targets.
  • Setting Departmental goals with respect to overall objectives of the organization.

Step 4 : Documentation

  • Apex Manual
  • Procedural Manual
  • Work Instructions and Specification
  • Development of Process Maps

Step 5 : Training on implementation

  • Departmental Sitting for understanding of implementation of the department specific procedures.
  • Departmental sitting for implementation of generic procedures.

Step 6 : Internal Audits

  • To train adequateno.of auditors for effective implementation & assessment of ISO standard
  • Internal audit be conducted by the organization at least once before certification and after implementation of new system.

Step 7 : Management review meeting

  • Management Review Meeting to be conducted by the organization to review effectiveness of the implemented system.

Step 8 : Shadows/Pre Assessment Audit

  • Conducted to assess QMS implementation effectiveness.

Step 9 : Certification Bodyaudit

Step 10 : Certificate dispatch to the client site

Step 11 : Surveillance audit after every one year